Our Red Light Therapy is Different - Weight Loss Program Tailored For You
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What Makes Us Different?

When you’re ready to start red light therapy, there is no doubt, you have many options to choose from! Be aware! Not all facilities that offer red light therapy understand the technology & how it works. For best results, you want a staff that is knowledgeable on the technology, a staff that knows why it works so they can help you better understand the program. When you couple the technology with the how and why; that is when the best results are achieved! That is the Fit and Trim difference!

red light beds in sarasota flFit and Trim of Sarasota isn’t your run-of-the-mill fat loss spa. We know there are many other choices for red light therapy, including at-home devices like stripes, pads, panels, and lamps. Also, you can do these treatments in-office at medical spas, tanning salons, or even at a doctor’s office. With all of these other options for your red light therapy, we are still confident that you won’t find a similar experience with the same results anywhere else.

The Fit and Trim of Sarasota Difference

You can access red light therapy almost anywhere. But, when you do it yourself or visit another clinic, you’ll be missing out on the Fit and Trim professional, spa-like sessions that are guaranteed to deliver results faster than you can find anywhere else. Our state-of-the-art red light therapy spa has premium and most effective fully immersive light beds. Red light therapy administered by others isn’t as powerful and does not work as rapidly as you will find with our office. As soon as you enter our office, the goal is to provide you with an experience you won’t find anywhere else.

Our facility has two red light beds, where you will be doing sessions in your very own private & sanitary room. We offer a whole program tailored to your needs that support red light therapy and your overall well being. You won’t just receive red light therapy and be sent on your way. We focus on providing you with everything you will need to meet your goals and sustain them for the long term results. You’re not just another number to us. The staff gets to know you from the moment you come in for your free educational consultation, and your goals are our priority.

body analysis for tracking weight loss in Sarasota FLWant More Information?

Are you looking for a service that will help you see fat loss results without drastic lifestyle changes or invasive surgeries? Red light therapy can help you do that. Before you start on a crash diet or go in for surgery, let us help you lose actual body fat and maintain muscle. Losing the wrong kind of weight can be unhealthy. Fit & Trim can get you there in a healthy way!

The first step for you is to book a free educational consultation. After your free computerized body analysis, we will discuss and outline your goals. Once you become a client we will take an initial measurement of your body so that we can meticulously measure your progress. Our precision body mapping technology, Styku, creates a 360-degree scan of your entire body so that we can chart your fat loss journey as demonstrated by inches lost throughout your treatments. Chances are, you’ll start to feel the difference well before the data comes in through increased energy and better-fitting clothes.

Would you like to experience our spa and red light therapy sessions for yourself? Give us a call today at 941-529-0888 to book a free educational consultation. For any questions about red light therapy visit our FAQ page.