How To Lose Weight The Healthy Way - Your Body Needs A Balanced Diet
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Under Eating And Fat Loss

weight loss without starving yourselfDoes Counting Calories Make Me Lose Weight? Yes it does. Do we recommend it? Absolutely not!

You count calories, you’re starving. You don’t have energy. But you need to lose weight. Under-eating, counting calories, starving yourself, will only lead to gaining more fat. You have heard the saying, “calories in, calories out,” but that mindset can be deceiving. It gives people the false interpretation that they can eat anything as long as they’re burning off those calories,” We’re programmed to think that way and to concentrate on the scale

If you eat less your body is going to starve. You work hard everyday and your body’s going to seek nutrition from other sources to keep up, such as your muscle tissue. In other words if you eat less your body will eat your muscle because the muscle is the most nutritious part of the body. You work hard every day, your body needs to keep up with you, but you’re on a diet trying to lose weight so you starve yourself. The results are not the answer you’re looking for. In fact, they’re quite the opposite. You gain more fat and lose more muscle.

You may lose weight but in the long run it won’t last. Now it’s like you’re living on a Yo-Yo string. The scale is constantly going up and down. You’re always dieting to maintain that weight, and even that doesn’t work. That’s not a healthy state for your body to be in. In fact, it’s stressful, is what it is. This is very stressful for your body. Your body needs nutrients and it’s stressing out because it’s not getting the amount it needs to keep up with your lifestyle. Stress is toxic and toxins and stress cause more fat. But you keep counting calories and eating less.

Does Counting Calories Make Me Lose Weight?Your body needs a balanced diet of whole foods. Not the pre frozen dinners out of a box that are depleted of nutrients. Not specially packaged protein shakes.

Fit and Trim uses a Patent Pending system that is designed to target the troubled areas of stubborn fat, like the stomach, hips, thighs and buttocks. By opening the pores on the fat cells causing the release of fatty acids to be metabolized through natural body functions. The light stimulates collagen production to tighten and tone the skin. This promotes the reduction of sagging skin.

Our ultimate goal is fat loss in a healthy way. However, our clients report many benefits to using our Low Level Light Technology. Such as, better quality of sleep, inflammation reduction, pain magement, more energy and an overall sense of health and well being.

The choices we make on a daily basis reflect our everyday living. Dare to make the choice of making a goal to get healthy and Fit. Be bold, step outside of your comfort Zone and start today. Make a conscious decision to make the right choice for your well-being and your efforts will follow. Call and ask us about our Free Educational Consultation.