When Will I See Weight Loss Results From Red Light Therapy Treatment?
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How Long Till Red Light Therapy Works?

Are you ready to start red light therapy? Not sure of how long to dedicate before you see results? We get it. The staff at Fit and Trim of Sarasota want you to reach your goals as quickly as possible. Our red light treatment plans and holistic maintenance program have given both men and women drastic and visible results across our areas that you can see. Here’s more of what to expect:

red light therapy consultation, bradenton flYour Treatment Goals

When you come in for your free educational consultation, we will talk to you about what you’re expecting, how you’ve faired in the past with fat loss, and what red light therapy can do for you. It is helpful to have goals outlined from the beginning. When we have an idea about your goals, we can give you a better idea of when to expect results. Typically, our patients see fat loss results within 6 to 8 weeks. But, if your goals are for other health reasons, you may see improvement even after the first session. Red light therapy is most popular for fat loss but has been proven to help with various health conditions.

By using a specific, natural wavelength of light in your therapy, our clinicians can help with fat loss as well as:

  • Reducing cellulite
  • Tightening skin
  • Mending sun damage to the skin
  • Improving cognitive performance
  • Falling asleep faster and improving sleep quality
  • Decreasing Pain
  • Lowering the risk of inflammatory-related diseases
  • Reversing skin aging
  • Enhancing skin complexion
  • Diminishing stretch marks and scarring
  • Slowing hair loss and stimulating hair growth
  • Improving body detoxification abilities
  • Increasing energy levels
  • Enhancing muscle gain, strength, endurance, and recovery

Red light therapy is a fantastic and practical supplement to your health care routine and pain management plans.

Red Light Therapy Goals, longboat key flGetting Started

The sooner you start your red light therapy sessions, the sooner you’ll see progress. We are waiting for you, and you have nothing to lose. We guarantee that you will see results after the completion of your treatments. We will create your treatment plan at your free educational consultation and take a Styku scan of your entire body. This cutting-edge technology allows us to take data points across your body in just 30 seconds. With this data, we can track your progress across your treatments to ensure that we see the expected progress.

We don’t leave hitting your goals up to chance. Our staff is trained to target the areas that give you the biggest headaches to see headway as you complete your sessions. The zero-gravity bed is incredibly successful in delivering red light therapy in a way that is easy for your body to absorb. We guarantee that you will see inches lost, and we will tailor your maintenance plan to keeping you at your goal and feeling great.

Give us a call today at 941-529-0888 to book a free educational consultation. You have nothing to lose except fat, and you will feel better each time to see us.