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Relief For Long-Term Back Pain

Are you a long-time back pain sufferer? Are you at your wit’s end dealing with pain and not sure what else you can do? If you’ve answered “yes” to these questions, there is hope. However, as a long-term back pain sufferer, you’ve probably tried it all, from physical therapy and chiropractic care to medication, without substantial progress or relief. You don’t have to give up, though. Red light therapy is approved and recommended for chronic back pain, and at Fit and Trim of Sarasota, we have seen firsthand how our technology can help reduce back pain and get people back to living a happy life.

red light therapy for back pain in sarasota flScientifically Proven Results

Red light therapy isn’t just a modern-day fad. Phototherapy has been around for over 100 years and you may benefit from all sorts of chronic inflammation, pain, and diseases. It is also known to help with injuries and may be effective for faster recovery for tears in ligaments, muscles, and other displacement issues. Scientific research studies, such as this one in the Pain and Research Management Journal, found verifiable and substantial evidence that frequent red light therapy may reduce chronic back pain with no adverse effects. Unlike risky surgeries and medications that carry dependency warnings. Even the FDA knows that red light therapy is amazingly effective for back pain sufferers. That is why it is approved and recommended for people living with this debilitating condition. If you’re becoming desperate to find an option that won’t require weeks or even months of recovery time, you should give red light therapy a try.

How it Works

Red light therapy works by targeting cells directly. When your skin absorbs the light, it reaches even the deepest muscle tissue and nerves. This causes an increase in blood flow to the area. This blood flow allows the cells to begin their natural regenerative process but at an accelerated pace. When fully activated, your cells may start to repair defective issues and nerves that are causing your back pain. The red light therapy exposure also has amazing anti-inflammatory outcomes that may help target your most painful areas. Together, with your cells detoxing and an increase of blood flow in the cells and tissues it may help reduce inflammation, your back pain may begin to subside naturally. Red light therapy is not invasive by any means.

back pain in Sarasota FLWhat to Expect

Unlike those stressful trips to your doctor, Fit and Trim of Sarasota brings a completely different vibe to the process. We know you’ve been through the wringer with doctor’s offices, but our spa is the exact opposite of that. Your sessions only require you to lay in our full-body, zero-gravity bed for 20 minutes and just relax. You will be in your own private room, laying back and relaxing with peaceful sounds, and soothing scents of essential oils. In fact, many of our clients fall asleep while doing a session. We are here to benefit both your body and mind by de-stressing. Once your 20 minutes are over, you can go on about your day. No downtime or recovery is needed.

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