Get Rid Of Resistant Fat Cells With Red Light Therapy
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How Red-Light Therapy Works on Fat

Are you struggling to lose weight no matter how hard you hit the gym or healthy you eat? Red-light therapy may help you get off that plateau and see results! Fit and Trim of Sarasota helps our clients shed resistant fat using red light therapy. Read on to learn more about red-light therapy and weight loss!

red light therapy bed, sarasota flRed Light Therapy for Weight Loss

Shedding stubborn fat can be challenging, especially if you are over 30. However, clinical research has revealed that combining red light therapy with a healthy diet and an active lifestyle can help you lose stubborn weight.

A recent study published in 2020 found that participants receiving low-level light therapy twice a week for six weeks lost inches off trouble spots. In addition, their quality of life improved along with their satisfaction and appreciation of their body. This study is part of a growing body of research illustrating the benefits of red light therapy for weight loss and body contouring.

How Does Red Light Therapy Affect Fat Cells?

2002 study of fat cells in a laboratory made an incredible discovery. When fat cells were directly exposed to low-level light for 4 minutes, they released 80% of their content. After 6 minutes of exposure, the cells released 99% of the fat in the cells! These incredible results were on fat cells in a laboratory, not inside a human. But this groundbreaking study paved the way for human studies into low light laser therapy for weight loss.

Many researchers believe that this study sheds light on why red light therapy can be effective for weight loss and body contouring. When red light penetrates fat cells, it stimulates them to release the lipids inside. This process helps you meet your goals allowing your body to shed weight on a cellular level.

Another way that red light therapy impacts your body on a cellular level is by increasing the number of mitochondria or energy-boosting structures in your cells. By energizing your cells, red light therapy can reduce key risk factors that contribute to fat storage, such as inflammation and thyroid dysfunction.

In addition, research suggests that red light therapy is effective at reducing cellulite. It also increases collagen production when it penetrates your cells. Collagen strengthens and firms up your skin and muscles resulting in fewer weak spots for fat to push through, meaning less cellulite.

How Can I Reach My Weight Loss Goal with Red Light Therapy?

Combining red light therapy with a sustainable, healthy lifestyle can help you reach your weight loss goal. At Fit and Trim of Sarasota, we will work with you to help you develop sustainable habits and create a red light therapy plan that fits into your busy schedule.

All of our clients begin the process with a Complimentary Consultation to discuss your needs and goals. We will also answer your questions and recommend a treatment plan during that session based on our conversation. Our goal is to help you overcome your plateau and see the results you are striving for.

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