Can My Muscles Benefit From Red Light Therapy?
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Red Light Therapy for Muscle Growth

Is it difficult for you to build muscle? Do you lose endurance at the gym? Many published peer-reviewed studies have shown that following red light therapy can have a positive effects on exercise, training, strength, speed, and endurance. Consider one of our red light therapy plans with body goals in mind!

red light therapy for muscles, lakewood ranch flHow Red Light Therapy Enhances Muscle Growth and Strength

Early supporters of Red Light Therapy included the Phoenix Suns and Nike’s Oregon Project that trains Olympic distance runners. Alberto Salazar, Head coach of the Oregon project said, “We got red light therapy right before the Rio Olympics and used it in our training. I felt that for the next month we had the best workouts in terms of consistency that we’ve ever had with our group”.

“It does two things for me,” Tyson Chandler with the Phoenix Suns says, “It gives me more energy, has my muscles feeling fresh, and then after the activity, it helps me recover for the following day.”

Patrick Pearson is one of the consistently elite athletes in all of sports, and to stay at the top of his game as he nears 30 years of age, he has adopted Red Light Therapy. “My energy level is up, and the way I sleep, and feel is totally different since I implemented red light therapy into my regular workout.

NFL stars like Patrick Peterson & Keenan Allen have adopted Red Light Therapy. Dallas Cowboys star DeMarcus Lawrence has emerged as one of the NFL’s elite defensive linemen over the last two seasons. He added red light therapy to his training routine and loves how he feels after draining late-summer practices. Cowboys D-lineman Tyrone Crawford and Tyrann Mathieu have followed his lead and added it to their routines as well.

How Red Light Therapy Increases Endurance and Speed

The recent results of the Brazilian futsal trial align with two other recent trials conducted on light therapy and peak cycling performance. Researchers found that red light therapy “increased time to exhaustion in competitive cyclists, suggesting this intervention as a possible non-pharmacological ergogenic agent in cycling. [1]

A 2016 study of professional rugby players assessed markers of physical performance and found light therapy treatments led to faster running, in addition to major muscle recovery benefits. Light therapy “significantly improved the average time of sprints. [2]

red light therapy plan workouts, sarasota flHow Red Light Therapy Improves Physical Performance

Researchers have found that both red and infrared light can help repair muscle tissue in athletes, helping them train and build muscle tissue more efficiently and compete more effectively. Light therapy has the additional benefit of being effective without the use of potentially harmful drugs.

As you can see, red light therapy has been shown to be a natural physical performance booster so, what are you waiting for? Call Today at 941-529-0888 and meet with an expert for your free educational red light therapy consultation! We are so passionate about getting you living at your full potential!


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