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Our clients are clear about their success and love for red light therapy. It has helped them regain control of their health and feel better in their own skin. We are here to answer any questions about red light therapy that our customers have. Here are some of the things our clients say:

"I'm very happy with my results at Fit & Trim! My clothes are fitting better, even my husband noticed a change!" - Loraine K.

"I am so incredibly pleased with my results with Fit & Trim's Red Light Therapy. More so than I could ever imagine." - George N.

"The Red Light Therapy has helped my arthritic knee and Bursitis in my shoulder as well. Plus losing 10 lbs. of fat and 6 inches, now I'm in a smaller size too." - Mary W.

"Fit & Trim has been great for me, not only have I lost inches - but it also helped with my back pain. Staff is awesome to work with." - Tracy M.

"I went to Fit and Trim to do something for myself. What I got back was more than I expected. Besides losing fat I got a body that I was proud of. My aches and pains have either disappeared or lessened and I have gained my confidence back. Everyone there is very helpful and is there for you. If you want to do something for yourself, this is the place to go." - Marilyn M

"When I started Fit & Trim my goal was to drop inflammation through Red Light Therapy. I lost 13 LBS! My inflammation has reduced, I have more energy & my general health could not be better. The staff is excellent and always makes you feel better the moment you enter!" - Sandra M

"Since starting Fit & Trim I have lost 21 inches and 12 LBS. I am very pleased with the Results!" - Wendy W

"I live with balance issues from neuropathy in my feet after almost 50 years of type 1 Diabetes. After only two weeks of doing Fit & Trim's standard routine, my balance and strength have noticeably improved." - Nancy