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Lester and Betty Troyer the owners of Fit & Trim would Love to share their story…

After 19 years of marriage, It was a Miracle Pregnancy! A twenty-week ultrasound told us exactly what we were praying for; all was well and it’s a girl!

On November 30, 2017, Betty went into pre-term labor at 33 weeks. Three hospitals and 33 hours later, tests at Pittsburgh Magee Women’s Hospital showed their baby had Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia. (CDH) There was a hole in her Diaphragm and all her stomach organs were in her chest. She only had 18% lung volume and unfortunately, that is not enough to live on. They repeatedly told us there was no hope because her lungs were too tiny and her Hernia to large.

fit and trim of sarasota fl storyHope Starts Here

Three weeks later still in the hospital, and at 36 weeks pregnant she was tired of hearing “Your baby will die,” I did exactly what they told me not to do. I Googled it and found the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) advertising the best CDH program. On December 22nd, we made the six-hour drive from Pittsburgh to Philadelphia. We met with the doctors only to find out our baby had a 0% chance of survival. We went back to our hotel room feeling defeated.

Extremely desperate at 37 weeks pregnant Betty googled again and found Dr. David Kays in St. Petersburg Florida, who was saving CDH babies. We spoke with Dr. Kays and he gave us so much Hope. On December 26th, we left that dreaded hotel room and headed toward Florida, with Hope deep in our hearts, driving 18 hours straight through. On December 28 we had a three-hour consult with Dr. Kays, who gave us a 90% chance of survival.

On January 9 2018 Zoie Michelle was born and was on a ventilator within minutes. At 15 hours old she was on a form of life support called ECMO. At 34 hours old, she had her major four-hour repair surgery. She struggled to live but had a compassionate doctor whom the nurses texted 24 hours on her progress. He was never far away and very much “hands-on”. At 11 days old she was off ECMO. At 22 days old she was off the ventilator and on C-PAP Oxygen. At 27 days old we got to hold her for the first time. At six weeks old, she had another major Surgery because of a deformed Esophagus. Discharged after 89 days in the hospital.

Zoie was born with 18% total lung volume, small side left heart, 97% of her left diaphragm was missing, which is now replaced with a GORE-TEX patch. At 20 months old Zoie had open-heart surgery. She is now 2 years old. Without a doubt, Zoie would not be alive today without the God-given skills of Dr. Kay.

Due to lung damage, we have made Beautiful Sarasota our home so we can stay close to Dr. Kay’s.

sarasota fl weight loss programInspiration Behind Our Red Light Technology

Zoie is the inspiration behind our Red Light Technology. She uses it every week to reduce the inflammation & help the scarring in her lungs. Due to a more holistic approach, she has never received steroids or breathing treatments for her lungs. We have been blessed with a beautiful little girl that has the sweetest personality. She has given us a new life and has brought us closer to God in ways that not many understand. “To Trust God in the light is nothing. But to Trust him in the dark. Now that is Faith”.

Her first word was Mom, followed by Dad. “Hon” and “Hey You” is what she yells out when she’s looking for one of us. Her favorite thing to do is feed the squirrels peanuts, and go on long bike rides. The ocean is her Happy Place. She is a social butterfly Loved by many. Through her, we have gained a new community that we have come to Love.