Tackle The Root Cause Of Weight Gain With Red Light Therapy
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How Red Light Therapy Can Help Weight Gain

Why am I gaining weight? Answering that question is often the first step to losing weight. It’s possible to shed those stubborn pounds with Red Light Therapy by addressing the root cause of your weight gain.

weight gain and inflammation, venice flRoot Causes of Weight Gain

The simplistic explanation for weight gain is that your body is storing more calories than it is burning. But this explanation doesn’t cut it. It doesn’t explain why some people can eat thousands of calories, never workout, and barely gain a pound while some of us can exercise often, constantly watch what we eat, and still gain weight. Medical professionals and scientists have begun to find better explanations for why some struggle with our weight and others don’t.

Three of the leading root causes of weight gain are inflammation, insufficient sleep, and undiagnosed medical issue.

Chronic Inflammation & Weight Gain

Inflammation is caused by the rush of blood and white blood cells to an area. When you are sick or injured, inflammation is a healthy immune response that helps your body heal. However, if you have a condition like asthma, diabetes, or arthritis, your body may have chronic inflammation. This means your body’s immune system is constantly on high alert.

Chronic inflammation can harm your organs and tissue. It can also contribute to weight gain. If chronic inflammation is one of the root causes of your weight gain, red light therapy may help. Many studies have found that red light therapy can effectively restore healthy immune function and alleviate chronic inflammation.

Sleep Deprivation & Weight Gain

Sleep is a vital component of health that we often overlook. Getting enough sleep often isn’t a priority. Even when it is, many of us can’t fall asleep. According to Science Daily, one in four Americans develops insomnia every year. Insomnia is persistent difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep. It is the leading cause of sleep deprivation.

Weight gain is one of many negative sides effect of sleep deprivation.  Insufficient sleep can also make weight loss more difficult. In one 2-week study, adults who only slept 5.5 hours per night lost 55% less body fat and 60% more muscle mass following a calorie-restrictive diet than participants in the study who slept 8.5 hours.

Improving the quality of your sleep can help you stop gaining weight and lose it. Developing a calming bedtime routine–setting at bedtime, turning off screens 2 hours before bed, and limited evening caffeine intake–is often the first step in overcoming insomnia. Red light therapy is another tool you can use to help your body relax and sleep deeply.

Medical Issues That Contribute to Weight Gain

For many people, weight gain is triggered by an underlying medical condition such as hypothyroidism, polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), or depression. Combining red light therapy with your medical treatments may help you achieve a healthy weight.

Red light therapy penetrates your cells and strengthens the mitochondria in them. Mitochondria are the “powerhouse of cells.” This boost to your cells can help them to function optimally. Studies also suggest that red light therapy can restore normal autoimmune activity and a healthy metabolism, making it an effective treatment to improve thyroid function and reduce insulin resistance.

styku scans for red light therapy, longboat key flFind Out How Red Light Therapy Can Help You

Many patients are discovering that red light therapy is a valuable tool to help them address the underlying cause of their weight gain. If you are looking for a safe, sustainable way to stop gaining weight and lose it, schedule a free educational consultation at Fit and Trim of Sarasota! Give us a call today at 941-529-0888 to find out how red light therapy can help you win in your battle to manage your weight.