How Long Does The Red Light Therapy Program Last?
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How Long Does The Program Last?

Are you ready to start your red light therapy journey but hesitant because of how long the process will take? At Fit and Trim of Sarasota, we understand that time is of the essence when it comes to meeting your fat loss and overall well-being goals. When you decide to change your life, you want to see your dedication pay off as quickly as possible.

natural weight loss in Sarasota FLThere’s nothing more frustrating than a program that doesn’t consider your busy schedule or is a long-term commitment with no end in sight. Programs that fail to address your time concerns may not be the right program for you. The Fit and Trim of Sarasota staff take these factors seriously and make programs that maximize results in the shortest amount of time.

Program Expectations

Before you begin your red light therapy sessions, it is essential to know what you’re getting yourself into. If you’ve reached out to a red light therapy clinic for help and they haven’t given you an expectation for your time, you might want to reconsider working with them. Your consultant should always tailor your program timeline to your goals. At Fit and Trim, we adapt your program specifics to your goals. We will discuss what you hope to achieve from your sessions long-term and take a computerized body analysis at your free educational consultation. Your plan is created specifically for your individual goals. Your body scan gives us a baseline and helps form your plan. Our goal is for you to see your results as quickly as possible.

Your Commitment

You will receive red light therapy in a relaxing spa that will help you feel rejuvenated. Each red light therapy session is 20 minutes. We also have ancillary services that help you maintain your guaranteed inch loss. Our goal is that you will see measurable and visible results that are sustainable. If you have a higher percentage of body fat to lose our consultant will take that into consideration at your free educational consultation.

styku body analysis in sarasota fl

We will take a computerized body analysis and talk about what your goals are and our consultant will personalize a plan for you. As you continue the journey we will continue the body analysis and the Styku body measurements so we can track your progress. This technology also helps us tweak your plan as needed.

Am I a Good Candidate?

Although many people are great candidates for red light therapy, we cannot give you that answer until you come in for a consultation. Some limitations include pregnancy, breastfeeding, and specific health issues that could make you ineligible for red light therapy.

If you’re ready to see what red light therapy can do for you, give Fit and Trim of Sarasota a call today at 941-529-0888 to book a free educational consultation. You can expect to receive a free computerized body analysis and your personalized therapy timeline at this first meeting.