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Does It Really Work?

Many people who come into our office for the first time are often skeptical that red light therapy will work for what they need. We get it! As this therapy type becomes more common, there are bound to be questions about its efficiency. Fit and Trim of Sarasota knows this, and we have worked with hundreds of people that came in with the same doubts and fears. Not only does it work, but it also works well and much faster than diet and exercise alone.

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Can I Lose Weight?

The short answer is “yes”. If you’ve had disappointing results from diets, appetite suppressants, or other weight loss methods, it’s worth your while to consider red light therapy. Clinical research has shown that it can reduce excess fat, which ultimately leads to weight loss. Fit and Trim of Sarasota has helped many people across the area achieve their weight loss goals with little to no disruption in their daily life.

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How Much Weight Can I Lose?

When potential clients come into Fit and Trim of Sarasota, they often want to focus on weight loss and the number on the scale. Although we understand that weight loss is an important goal, our results will concentrate more on hard-to-lose fat and inches in those stubborn areas like your thighs and stomach. These goals are more likely to give you the drastic results you’re looking for.

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Does It Really Melt Fat?

In the simplest terms, Red Light Therapy can essentially melt the fat from within your fat cells. Within just 7 minutes on our zero-gravity bed, the light-emitting diodes will open fat cells and start emptying fatty acids. At specific frequencies, coherence, and power settings, fat cells absorb the electromagnetic energy from the light. By increasing the energy within your cells, they will become rejuvenated and can repair and function at therapeutic rates.

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How Long Does It Take?

Typically, our clients see fat loss results within 6 to 8 weeks. But, many of our clients have seen improvements in just the first few sessions, such as, more energy, better endurance throughout the day, better quality of sleep, better mood, a glow in their skin, just to name a few. You may see improvement even after the first session. Red light therapy is most popular for fat loss but may be beneficial for your health as well.

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Will Results Last?

This is one of the most common questions we are asked. When you dedicate time and effort to a program, you want to make sure you’re getting the most out of it. Like anything else, the results will be just as good as the effort you put into the maintenance. This is no different. Red light therapy gives you a fantastic shortcut to results, but no matter what people do, if they don’t maintain a healthy lifestyle, no fat will ever stay off. To maintain weight loss, there is only one way, Keep liv...

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Is It Worth It?

Can you put a price on your health? What about the time you have with your loved ones? Of course, you can’t. Since we are dependent on how well our bodies function, it would make the most sense that we spare no cost associated with ensuring it is performing its best. At Fit and Trim of Sarasota, we want to help you be as healthy as possible, so when we hear people ask if red light therapy is worth it, we have to ask, how much is your health worth to you?

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Change Of Diet Needed?

Fit and Trim of Sarasota knows that too many lifestyle changes at one time can make you less likely to see results. Our approach is always to recommend a whole foods approach to eating. Foods we suggest will be non-processed, natural, and easy to source at Florida grocery stores.

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How Long Does It Last?

Before you begin your red light therapy sessions, it is essential to know what you’re getting yourself into. If you’ve reached out to a red light therapy clinic for help and they haven’t given you an expectation for your time, you might want to reconsider working with them. Your consultant should always tailor your program timeline to your goals. At Fit and Trim, we adapt your program specifics to your goals.

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