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Ease Your Aches Using Red Light Therapy

Do you suffer from chronic pain? Or severe pain from a traumatic injury? You aren’t suffering alone. One out of three Americans is affected by chronic or acute pain. It’s the leading reason Florida residents miss work or school and visit the doctor. Try out red light therapy if you are looking for pain relief without risks and harmful side effects!

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Living a full and active life is tough when you are battling chronic pain. Unfortunately, long-term use of traditional pain relief prescriptions—like non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) and opiate pain medications—can have harmful side effects. As a result, many patients and physicians looking for a low-risk, non-invasive alternative have begun using red light therapy, also known as photobiomodulation or low-level laser therapy (LLLT). There is strong scientific evidence that it can be an effective pain management tool.

You can read numerous clinical studies on the benefits of red light therapy for pain relief. It has proven effective for treating:

While many of the human clinical trials have been small, the results have been promising. As a result, researchers are continually expanding their studies to deepen our knowledge of how red light therapy can play a role in managing chronic pain and painful injuries.

How Does Red Light Therapy Manage Pain?

If you posed this question to a handful of researchers, you might get a different answer from each one. Just as many biological factors can cause pain, there are many ways that red light therapy can reduce it. Studies suggest red light therapy interacts with our body in several ways that can result in pain relief.

There are 3 primary ways that we know red light therapy plays a role in pain management:

  1. Reducing inflammation which can cause persistent or throbbing pain, especially joint pain and arthritis.
  2. Accelerating healing by improving blood flow, increasing collagen production, and stimulating mitochondrial functioning, and, therefore, reducing injury-related pain.
  3. Warming and soothing tense muscles and nerves, which can immediately reduce your pain.

By next year, scientists may know even more about how red light therapy reduces pain.

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What type of red light therapy is most effective?

You can find handheld home devices for red light therapy, but, unfortunately, these convenient devices are less effective. Clinical studies consistently demonstrate that the quality of the red light device you use has a significant impact. You are more likely to experience pain relief from red light therapy by visiting a spa with state-of-the-art red light therapy equipment like Fit and Trim of Sarasota.

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