Cellular Function - Increase Energy Production Through Red Light Therapy
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Cellular Function

Cellular Function with red light therapy in Sarasota FLInside of each cell is something called a Mitochondria, this is the “power generators” of your cells. The mitochondria is where the cell’s energy is created. Our patent pending technology is proven to strengthen the mitochondria so it can effectively create energy and recharge your “batteries”.

The primary function of red light therapy is to increase energy production. It does this by stimulating blood flow through the cell into the mitochondria and strengthening it, the part of the cell that creates energy. By doing so, this procedure increases energy levels.

By increasing blood flow you can detox at a cellular level. When you can detox at a cellular level you’re going deeper than the average cleanse. Toxins are more easily accumulated than we realize and in order to have our bodies running optimally it helps to detox the cells.

We’re not talking about a cleanse. A cleanse and acellular detox are two different things. A cleanse can be helpful but they usually don’t reach a deep enough level. Drinking tea or taking herbs can also be a form of detox. These other forms may be helpful in detoxing but again they may not reach a cellular level.

Our low level light technology can recharge your human battery, stimulate energy production at a cellular level. Stimulate blood flow and detox at a cellular level. When you combine all of these things it promotes a better function of the cells and promotes a better sense of well-being. This type of cellular function can be a feel good type of energy, not a caffeine induced energy where you crash an hour later and need more caffeine to keep going. You can get your life back and feel better without having to reach for that energy drink every afternoon.

Our ultimate goal is fat loss in a healthy way. Our patent pending low level light technology system is designed to target stubborn fat around the stomach, hips, thighs and buttocks. By gently opening the pores on the fat cells and leaking fatty acids the body will naturally metabolize it. You can “recharge your batteries” and lose inches, all at the same time!

Are you ready to jump off the treadmill of energy drink consumption? Coffee anyone? Sugary drinks to try and get that energy level back up. A caffeine and sugar mix can jumpstart any battery very quickly. It’s not long term sustainable because it’s not healthy for the body.

unhealthy soda consumptionA life’s consumption of caffeine and sugar, so we can maintain energy, comes with consequences. Your life is a reflection of the choices you make.

If you don’t make time for your wellness today, you’ll be forced to make time for your illness. The choice is yours today.

We know our light technology packs a lot, So call us today and ask about our Free Educational Consultation. Let us help you with your journey to fat loss the healthy way, while you recharge your battery at the same time.