Try These 3 Things to Boost Red Light Therapy Weight Loss Results
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3 Ways to Boost Red Light Therapy Weight Loss Results

Red light therapy can help you win your battle against the bulge! Numerous clinical studies have found that red light therapy is an effective weight-loss tool to help you shed inches. If you want to see the best results from your red light therapy, use these weight-loss-boosting tips.

exercise with red light therapy, Bradenton FL#1. Combine Red Light Therapy with Exercise.

Exercise is a key component of any weight loss journey because it helps you improve your body's composition and overall well-being. Exercising boosts your energy, improves your heart health, and strengthens your muscles and bones. Red light therapy and exercise are a powerful weight-loss-combo.

Red light therapy before and after an aerobic exercise can improve your endurance and help you burn more fat. In a 2017 study, researchers discovered that participants' endurance improved three times faster if they had red light therapy before and after their workout. They also lost a great percentage of body fat.

#2. Target Problem Areas.

You often hear that you can't lose weight in targeted areas. Red light therapy turns this conventional wisdom on its head. Targeting problems areas—like your thighs, waist, and hips—with red light therapy can help you shed more inches.

Many scientists agree that red light therapy is an effective body contouring tool. A 2009 clinical report exemplifies the body contouring benefits of red light therapy. Participants whose hips, waist, and thighs were targeted with low-level light therapy saw increased fat loss in those areas. In just two weeks, the participants lost an average of 3.5 inches from those common problem areas.

This is why Fit & Trim of Sarasota includes a complimentary computerized body analysis during our consultations. We want you to see the best results! We achieve that for you by following the science and developing a customized, targeted red light therapy plan for you.

red light therapy, siesta key FL#3. Improve your Sleep Quality with Red Light Therapy.

Millions of Americans suffer from sleep deprivation. If you are one of them, it may be a factor in your struggle with your weight. Sleep plays a vital role in managing your body weight. When you don't get enough sleep, it throws off your body's hormones which play a huge role in weight management. The hormonal impacts of lack of sleep include:

  • Slower metabolism.
  • Increased insulin resistance.
  • Increased production of hunger-causing hormones (leptin and ghrelin)
  • Increased production of the stress-related hormone (cortisol).

You can use red light therapy to improve your sleep and avoid these negative side effects of sleep deprivation that derail weight loss. If you suffer from insomnia or chronic sleep deprivation, be sure to mention it during your red light therapy consultation! We will develop a red light therapy plan designed to improve your sleep and help you lose weight.

Want to learn more about red light therapy and weight loss? Discover the science behind how it works!

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