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Under Eating And Fat Loss

Does Counting Calories Make Me Lose Weight? Yes it does. Do we recommend it? Absolutely... Read more

Is Cellulite A Concern?

Do you have skin that is dimpled and lumpy? Are you looking to reduce cellulite... Read more

Cellular Function

Inside of each cell is something called a Mitochondria, this is the “power generators” of... Read more

Fourteen Things You Should Know About Red Light Therapy

1- Patent Pend Laser Technology Our Low-Level Laser Light Technology is designed with patent-pending diodes,... Read more

Who We Are

If we set out to do something, a word of encouragement or motivation is helpful.... Read more

Red Light Therapy For Depression

Do you struggle with depression? You may be able to bolster your mood with red... Read more

Red Light Therapy for Muscle Growth

Is it difficult for you to build muscle? Do you lose endurance at the gym?... Read more

Does Red Light Therapy Work for Scars?

Do you have scars that cause pain and maybe restrict certain movements? Have you already... Read more

LED Light Therapy For Wrinkles

As we age, wrinkles are bound to happen. However, you can do a few things... Read more

How Long Till Red Light Therapy Works?

Are you ready to start red light therapy? Not sure of how long to dedicate... Read more