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Ten Things You Should Know Before Using Red Light

1 – Not all Red Light is created equal

The science behind Red Light ranges from Diodes, Tubes, different Wavelengths, to different wattages. All of these make a difference in the quality & depth of the light.
There are different factors, such as Light energy output, the surface area covered, the frequency emitted in nanometers, and the variety of treatments and features.

red light therapy in sarasota fl2 – It’s in the design as well as the science

The design of the full head-to-toe red light therapy bed matters. Most beds are designed like a tanning bed and the lights aren’t close or touching the skin. When Red Light engineers use specially designed meters they found that closeness to skin matters, it will absolutely affect the strength of the light, you may be getting a red light session that touts a powerful light but you are actually getting very little due to distance and design.

3 – Targeting VS full body

Red light therapy will not shine through clothing, to get the full benefits you will want to remove all clothing. There are 2 ways red light therapy can be administered when buying sessions from a spa.

You can use a red light therapy bed. You can do head-to-toe, full-body in one 20 minute session. In a private room. Or you can do the wrap system, which is a 20 minute session that can just “target” certain areas, the systems aren’t large enough for a head-to-toe. You will have to get undressed and the technician will then wrap a red light pad around the area you wish to target.

4 – Detox at a cellular level

A Cellular Detox does not mean:

  • A Colon Cleanse
  • A Foot Bath
  • Taking Herbal Supplements
  • An Enema
  • A 10 Day Herbal Tea Cleanse
  • Visiting Saunas for Therapeutic Sweating
  • Meditation
  • Drinking Only Juices or Similar Beverages

These types of “Cleanses” can be helpful among countless others. However, a detox and a cleanse are two different things! You should think of a cleanse as a way of cleaning your body. The cleanse normally focuses on the digestive tract. They are simply too far downstream to make the impact needed to remove toxins at the cellular level. We often see a need for detox and we do a “cleanse” in an attempt to feel better. Red Light Therapy will detox at a cellular level and improve the function of the cell so the body can restore and rejuvenate.

5 – Melt visceral fat

Visceral fat will hug the organs and hide behind the abdominal wall. It can cause several diseases such as heart attack, type 2 diabetes, and stroke to name a few. High visceral fat content is considered a dangerous fat with many healthcare practitioners. It takes a strong and concentrated form of Red Light Therapy to be able to reach the depth of visceral fat to melt it.

6 – Increase energy levels

No more unhealthy energy drinks or pills. Red Light Therapy can naturally boost energy by working at a cellular level. A part of your cell is called mitochondria, sometimes called the “power generators” of your cells, they soak up the Red Light and make more energy.

7 – Stimulate a chain reaction

Most of Red Light Therapy’s effects are through the stimulation of the cell’s mitochondria absorbing light. This can stimulate a sort of chain reaction of regenerative results. It kicks up your ATP, Otherwise known as your cellular energy source, leading to an increased blood flow, a decrease in inflammation and better functioning skin.

8 – Faster muscle repair and better performance

Researchers have found that both red and infrared light can help repair muscle tissue in athletes, helping them train and build muscle tissue more efficiently and compete more effectively. Light therapy has the additional benefit of being effective without the use of potentially harmful drugs.

muscle repair and better performanceEarly supporters of Red Light Therapy included the Phoenix Suns and Nike’s Oregon Project that trains Olympic distance runners. Alberto Salazar, Head coach of the Oregon project said, “We got red light therapy right before the Rio Olympics and used it in our training. I felt that for the next month we had the best workouts in terms of consistency that we’ve ever had with our group”.

“It does two things for me,” Tyson Chandler with the Phoenix Suns, “It gives me more energy, has my muscles feeling fresh, and then after the activity, it helps me recover for the following day.”

Patrick Pearson is one of the consistently elite athletes in all of sports, and to stay at the top of his game as he nears 30 years of age, he has adopted Red Light Therapy. “My energy level is up, and the way I sleep and feel is totally different since I implemented red light therapy.

NFL stars like Patrick Peterson & Keenan Allen have adopted Red Light Therapy. Dallas Cowboys star DeMarcus Lawrence has emerged as one of the NFL’s elite defensive linemen over the last two seasons. He added red light therapy to his training routine and loves how he feels after draining late-summer practices. Cowboys D-lineman Tyrone Crawford has followed his lead and added it to his routine. Tyrann Mathieu is training with red light as well.

9 – Skin health

Red light therapy works its magic by delivering safe, concentrated wavelengths of natural light into your skin, where it’s absorbed by your cells. This “stimulates the production of collagen, elastin, and fibroblasts,”

Jewelry designer and reality T.V. star Kristin Cavallari told US that she keeps away from Botox, “I use red light therapy twice a week to prevent lines and wrinkles.”

For years, Hollywood’s elite stars have opted for chemically-induced anti-aging treatments, like botox and chemical facial peels. Hollywood is stepping away from harsh treatments, particularly with clean and holistic beauty trends in recent years. Many celebrities have decided to avoid the needles and knives, opting for natural alternatives. To prepare for red carpet events, celebrities are flocking to red light therapy for natural, non-invasive anti-aging treatments. Kourtney Kardashian, talked about the many anti-aging benefits of the treatment. Other celebrities such as Kelly Rowland, Emma Stone, and Chrissy Teigen have openly shared their positive experiences.

10 – Red Light may manage Inflammation

Inflammation can be your body’s programmed response to danger. There are clear physical causes of inflammation like injuries & wounds, Inflammation also occurs in response to infections from germs and stress. Chemical irritants, toxins, and alcohol can trigger inflammation. Your body can become inflamed in response to poor sleep, poor nutrition, dehydration.

Red light therapy may alleviate chronic inflammation by increasing blood flow to the damaged tissues, and it’s been found in numerous clinical trials to increase the body’s antioxidant defenses.