14 Things You Should Know About Red Light Therapy For Overall Health
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Fourteen Things You Should Know About Red Light Therapy

1- Patent Pend Laser Technology

Our Low-Level Laser Light Technology is designed with patent-pending diodes, wavelengths, and wattages. All of these things make a significant difference in Low-Level Laser Light Technology.

red light therapy weight loss in Sarasota FL2- It’s In The Design As Well As The Science

The design of the bed matters! Our beds at Fit and Trim are Zero Gravity and it is the only design that is patent-pending proven to target the most stubborn areas of fat comfortably, such as stomach, hips, thighs, and buttocks.

3- Full Body

Our Technology is designed for head to toe, full body, in one 20 minute session. Lay back and relax in your own private room in a relaxing Spa like atmosphere. It is non-invasive, no downtime and pain free.

4- Detox

Fat Cells hold toxins. Flush your toxins by improving blood flow into your cells with our Low Level Laser Light Technology.
This isn’t just a cleanse. It is a detox at the cellular level and that makes a difference.

5- Who Is It For?

It is for men and women, any age, any shape, any size.
It is especially rewarding for our elderly clients. We see it all the time.

6- Increased Energy

Our focus is Fat! But our clients are reporting health changing benefits, like increased energy and endurance. Inflammation reduction, less pain and ease of movement.

7- Decrease Inflammation

Fat Cells hold Toxins. Our Technology increases blood flow into the cells and promotes detox at a cellular level and decreases Inflammation.

8- Faster Muscle Repair

By decreasing Inflammation Light Technology promotes faster muscle repair after an injury and less sore, post workout.

9- Collagen Production

The light stimulates Collagen production and elastin fibers to tighten and tone the skin. This promotes the smoothing of the skin and a healthy glow.

10- Stimulate A Chain Reaction

By using our Patent Pending Light Technology System you can stimulate a chain reaction. By increasing blood flow in the cells, you can reduce fat, toxins and inflammation without starving yourself. This includes the dangerous fat that surrounds the body.

11- Is It Safe?

Yes, red light therapy is safe. Our low-level laser technology is so safe our youngest client started at 2 years old for overall health and wellness and our oldest client is in their 80’s.

red light therapy for elderly12- Why it’s good for the elderly

Elderly clients are seeing pretty amazing benefits, such as better sleep, ease of movement, more energy.

13- Rejuvenating

Collagen is the most abundant protein our bodies produce. It’s critical for skin and hair. Collagen is hard, fibrous, and extremely strong. It literally holds us together, and the more you can produce naturally, the better.
Our low level light technology stimulates collagen so the body produces it naturally. This promotes glowing skin and smoothing of the skin.


Mitochondria is inside the cells. It’s also known as the powerhouse of the cells. By improving blood flow into the cell, light technology will stimulate the mitochondria and produce energy. You can think of it as recharging your battery.